For the past 30 years, Blane has lived his passion. He grew up fishing the small mountain streams in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, starting a guide service as a youngster. In the mid-90s, Blane opened Blue Ridge Fly Fishers in Roanoke, Virginia– one of the most respected full service fly shops in the region. About a decade ago, he returned to his river roots as owner/operator of the New Angle Fishing Company, specializing in float trips targeting the regions predatory fish including Musky, Stripers, Smallmouth Bass and Trout.

One the most enthusiastic and cutting-edge fly tiers in our sport, many of Blane’s inventive fly patterns are produced through UMPQUA Feather Merchants. He has served on the board of the American Fly Tackle Trade Association (AFFTA) and has worked as a consultant/ambassador to several fly fishing companies including Yeti Coolers, Temple Fork Outfitters, Scientific Anglers, Patagonia, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Fishpond USA, Renzetti/RD Distribution, Flymen Fishing Company, Hedron Flashabou, Hareline Dubbing, Hyde Drift Boats, Towee Boatworks, and Hog Island Boatworks.

Since 1998, Blane has served as a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. Through his Hybrid SeriesTM and other innovative designs, Blane crafts traditional and synthetic tying materials to achieve the subtleness of flies and the strike-generating action of conventional lures. Today, Blane operates a guide service that specializes in float trips on four of Virginia’s premiere rivers: James, New, Roanoke and Jackson rivers.

TFO welcomed Blane Chocklett to the team in 2012-2013 season. He is one of the most innovative fly tiers and wonderfully creative fly fisherman I know. Blane will be an excellent member of the TFO family,” Lefty Kreh. Blane represents the best of young stars in fly fishing, and working with the likes of Lefty Kreh, Larry Dahlberg, Ed Jaworowski, Bob Clouser, Nick Curcione, Flip Pallot and Gary Loomis, will help us lead the next generation of anglers into our sport.

Blane is creating a series of patterns that has all the subtlety of flies and the strike-generating action of conventional lures. We believe that his new patterns combined with our commitment to make the right “Affordable – High Performance” delivery tools will compel many conventional tackle anglers to try fly fishing.

Blane Chocklett began fly fishing in 1985 on a small mountain stream not far from his home in Blue Ridge, Virginia. Eight years later, he started his own freelance guide service. In 1996, Blane opened Blue Ridge Fly Fishers, a full-service fly shop located in Roanoke, Virginia.

Through the years, Blane has supported the sport of fly fishing by serving as a member of the American Fly Tackle Trade Association’s (AFTA) Dealer Advisory Board and by consulting with several fly fishing pro staffs. Blane has been featured in many outdoor books and magazine articles over the years.

Blane is the Southeast Regional Field Editor for Fly-Fisherman Magazine. He has written and been featured in a variety of publications. He has also been featured on multiple television shows including, The Hunt For Big Fish, with Larry Dahlberg, In The Loop Fly Fishing, and a few others.