Chocklett’s Minnow Body Wrap

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From Blane Chocklett and Hareline Dubbin comes the new minnow body wrap. As Hareline says….”This is Chockletty good game changing material. This is the synthetic material used on the new “Game Changer” flies that have become so wildly popular. Tie on the different sections of the Articulated Fish Spines to creat the Game Changer style flies.The Minnow Body wrap is easy to use, just tie it in and wrap. Can also be used on standard shank hooks. Great for saltwater baitfish patterns as well. Also often used in conjunction with the Copic Air Brush Markers to tie unlimited color and species variations. The Minnow Body Wrap comes in two simple colors- the Pearl White and the UV White. The pearl white has greenish accents and the UV white has blueish/purple accents.